“I thoroughly enjoyed the body work services I received from Ashley. She had such a great balance of warmth and professionalism, and she was very aware of what was going on in my muscles. She could often feel where to focus sometimes even before I realized it. I have been to Ashley several times, and she was able to really tell when the needs in my body had shifted, or when my stress level had increased. I have also tried her tandem treatment with Reiki Master Sepi and I must say the energetic healing in combination with the tissue work was infinitely valuable. I highly recommend her!”~Dalila A., Los Angeles, CA

“ I recently flew from Dayton, Ohio to Las Vegas to celebrate my 60th birthday. My family met me there and we had a great time together. I want to especially thank my daughter Ashley for taking her time to give me a Heart Chakra Massage during my stay. As an ex-football player, I usually have a lot of stress and tension in my neck and shoulder areas. Ashley, you have truly learned the art of massage therapy because my neck and shoulders have felt great since receiving your Heart Chakra Massage. Thank you so much for making my birthday/vacation relaxing and enjoyable trip!”~Reginald S., Dayton, OH

“I have never been comfortable with any kind of body work because I am very sensitive to being touched. However, while on a trip to Los Angeles, Ashley was recommended to me. I decided to give her a try because I had been having back, neck and knee pain. The massage was so relaxing and my body pain went away. I felt very comfortable with Ashley.” ~Parvin G, San Jose, CA 

“I received a Heart Chakra massage from Ashley when I was 8 months pregnant. I had never been so relaxed during my entire pregnancy! She intuitively knew what areas I needed to most work on. I highly recommend Ashley to anyone, especially pregnant women! ~Raumak R., Beverly Hills, CA

“I wish I would have booked a longer session. Ashley eased into the massage flawlessly, with strong fluid strokes mix with deep focus work. This was one of the best massages I’ve ever had and normally I leave massage sessions disappointed. Can’t wait for my next session.”-Yoi T., Los Angeles, CA

“I can honestly say this was probably the best massage I’ve ever gotten! You’re an amazing therapist!”-Sarah W., Los Angeles, CA